Welcome to "Jake's Place"

Here you will find my Maps, Mods, and Photo Albums I have made along with some of my friends stuff. Download links will also be available to them.

You are welcome to browse and view anything you would like. But, Please read the notice here or at the bottom of the page.

Maps and Game Mods

Please feel free to download any of my Maps or Mods and use them as you wish as long as it is for personal use only and not to be sold for any reason what so ever.

Crysis Maps

  • I have made a couple Crysis maps that I think are really good, one is a Power Struggle Map called Mercy-Island-PS and the other is Mercy-Island-IA, this Map is a copy of the Power struggle map, but, with it enabled to be used as an Instant Action Map with weapons and Vehicles already spawned.

I will be making some more maps for Crysis in the Near Future! Right now I am attending School at DeVry University for Administrative Networking, so, my time is limited to what I can or should be doing!