About Me                           

My nickname online is Jake, I am 46yrs old with 6 children and 4 Grandchildren, with 2 more Grandchildren on the way soon.

I started about 11 years ago messing around with a Windows 95 PC that was just plain junk, the thing would always be broke down, from hard drives messing up to floppy drives. Well I got tired of taking it to the shop and leaving it for weeks on end, so I started researching and fixing it myself. I learned a lot on my own that is for sure!

What I do today

About 6 years ago or more I started getting into gaming, mostly FPS games, I enjoyed them a lot. As time went on the games got to be more and more CPU and Memory hungry, that's when I started building my own PC's for High end Gaming.

I soon made a lot of friends online in the gaming world whom always needed help with PC problems or games not running properly. As each day went by I learned more and more, from making mods for games to map making.

 I am presently enrolled in DeVry University taking Networking Administration, with a grade point average of close to a 4.0 (still don't know how that happened). I had built a lot of PC's and setup gaming servers along with web pages from HTML to PHP, but nothing prepared me for what I am learning in the networking field now.

  • I am a plumber by trade, but that is soon to change for sure, after graduating from school I will be opening up my own Computer Repair Business, and possibly doing some off site networking for small businesses.
  • As for now I do a lot of studying, making maps, building and repairing PC's.