Calendar of Events

Its the beginning of may and I hope to have my Crysis maps done before the end of may for sure. When they are ready you can click the Crysis Maps link on the left to view photo's and to download them.


  • Crysis Mercy-Island PS
    Power Struggle map
    The Crysis Mercy Island Power Struggle map I have made it ready and play good, so far it has not kicked me or neither has Punk Buster. I would like to redo the time of day so that it starts about 5 am instead of midnight.
  • Crysis Mercy-Island IA
    Instant Action Map
    I have almost finished the Instant Action Map, but there are a few errors that need dealt with and a lot more testing. This map is a duplicate of the Power Struggle version except that it will have all the vehicles and weapons already spawned in or near a bunker. I left all the bases and prototype buildings in and changed the ship from a US base to a IA neutral ship with VTOLS and helicopters on it.

Upcoming Events

  • Jungle IA Map
    My next map will be a Jungle Instant Action Map possibly on an old airfield or village and base that has been deserted and left to be grown over with the jungle!!!

  • Jungle Map Info "Lost-Flight"
    I have started the Jungle IA Map as of today May, 8th 2008, not sure what will be in it as of yet, here is a couple thoughts. Small Creek shallow enough to walk across or drive, water fall at one end near the Plane crash site...some viliages with dirt roads and of course some jeeps ect.