FarCry Maps, and downloads
by Jake & HighNoon

  I have put here the download links to Jake and HighNoon's FarCry Maps. Just click the Photo to see the Photo at full size, also there is a download link below the Map listing.
I am sorry about no extra Screen Shots of each map, but I do not have the game installed and when I do I will put up a photo gallery with pic's from each map!

This is an Exe file that will install the maps too
"C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Levels"  Please make sure you select the path for the install if your FarCry game is located somewhere other than what is noted above.

Map Listings-There are 7 maps total consisting of some of the best maps I have seen for FarCry. Some are Base Assault and some are TDM of DM.

  • mp_birdisland

  • mp_exile_n

  • mp_jakeisland

  • mp_killswitch

  • mp_terrorvalley

  • mp_wakeisland

  • mp_mercyisland_j

 Click here to Download the Map Pack