I have finished my Crysis Maps, although I would like to fix the time of day so it would start at about 5 am instead of midnight.

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  • Mercy Island PS Finished
    Crysis Power Struggle Map
      This is a Power Struggle map that is done and finished, ready for distribution to the public. Sometime in May, 08.

  • Mercy Island IA
    Crysis Instant Action Map
      This map is almost complete, it is a copy of the PS Mercy Island map with all vehicles, weapons and such already spawned for the player to pickup. I replaced the PS Ship with and IA ship that has available weapons and VTOLS, helicopters and boats ready for the taking.
  • Jungle Map Info "Lost-Flight" Finished
    Crysis Instant Action Map
    I have started the Jungle IA Map as of today May, 8th 2008, not sure what will be in it as of yet, here is a couple thoughts. Small Creek shallow enough to walk across or drive, water fall at one end near the Plane crash site...some villages with dirt roads and of course some jeeps ect. Now i have finished this map,,,,added some heli's jeeps anti-aircraft vehicles etc, Enjoy

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    Lost-Flight Lost-Flight Sunset

  • FarCry Maps
    FarCy Map Pack by Jake & HighNoon
      On the FarCry Page you will find a Map Pack of 7 Maps me (Jake) and HighNoon had made a couple years back, these are some really good maps, with base assault and TDM and DM maps included. Check them out and have fun!